Mandondo Consulting

Brand Development / Taglines / Social Media / Tone of Voice / Brochure and Flyer Copy

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For our Spring intern project at LPK, we partnered with a study abroad class at the University of Cincinnati to bring our work to small businesses in Cape Town, South Africa. The bulk of my work was on the team for Mandondo Consulting, but I also made myself available for any writing needs the other teams might have. 


Mandondo Consulting is a small business consulting startup in Cape Town, South Africa. They needed a new brand that would empower anyone with a dream to start their own business by giving budding entrepreneurs the tools and training they needed. 

I started out by developing concepts with my team that would inform design and set the tone for Mandondo Consulting's new brand. We developed a new brand character and tone of voice for a friendly and empowering approach to their strategy. I then did a tagline exploratory which resulted in their new inspiring tagline, "Ignite Your Dream." 

Lastly, I applied the new brand character to their social media and promotional materials, writing social media bios and flyer copy that stayed true to the new tone of voice we set out for them.

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Copy work for other teams...

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Tagline for Kasi Projects and Investments, a hardware store specializing in materials for low-cost family housing.


Brochure copy for Thasampo Sons & Daughters recycling, a non-profit recycling service.