Brand Development / Tagline / Social Media

Retrofittings is one of the largest yearly fundraisers for St. Vincent de Paul Cincinnati, a nationally recognized non-profit that provides emergency aid for neighbors in need. The main event is a fashion show featuring garments created by students, made entirely from pieces found at St. Vincent de Paul's thrift stores. Our team of interns at LPK was tasked with giving the event a modern re-brand that would appeal to their wide audience of donors. 

First, the designers on my team developed an elegant new logo for the event. I gave them a tagline to go along with it--one that felt fresh and modern while still staying true to the heart of the event. Then imagined a new brand world for them--one that would encompass the event's look, tone and feel. Lastly, I gave them a brand character to help them find their tone of voice and keep their social media posts sounding fresh and cohesive. I wrote copy for a few example social media posts to show them how to use their new TOV.

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