Cincinnati Parks

Communication System / Environmental Signage / Tone of Voice

Cincinnati Parks needed a new voice that would solve multiple problems they were noticing in their parks. They wanted a way to change those behaviors while still being positive and inclusive. 

I developed a contemporary, inviting tone of voice for Cincinnati Parks that would keep things culturally relevant and get visitors' attention with subtle humor. From there, I wrote copy for signage and architected a communication system that Cincinnati Parks would be able to roll out city-wide. 

The first problem the parks came to us with was the issue of visitors letting their dogs use the bathroom in the flowerbeds, which was killing their plants. This was a particular problem in one park specifically--Piatt Park.

They loved the solution we came up with for Piatt--It's Piatt. Not Pee-att--so much that they wanted similar signages for all their parks. So, I wrote a set of headlines that played on the name of each park for a fun, tailored solution to their dog problem.

Universal Signage

Mt. Airy Arboretum

Piatt Park

Smale Park

Ault Park

Oakley Square